Introducing the Meural Canvas

The smart art frame that brings every brushstroke to life.

Showcase your own work

It’s easy to upload images through the Meural app and our website. And each one is rendered lifelike and textured.

Control with the wave of your hand

Discovering art has never been easier. To browse, you can use gesture control, the Meural app, website, or Amazon’s Alexa.

Alexa, meet Meural

With your Amazon Echo, you can browse art and control your Canvas’ settings. Be on the lookout for even more smart home integration, coming soon.

The Meural Canvas

The world’s museums and galleries, on your wall.

The Meural Membership

Access tens of thousands of works—plus partner exclusives, editorial, and more.

The Meural App

Browse our collection and control your Canvas.

“The Meural smart frame displays images with stunning clarity, be they high-definition photos or reproductions of paintings, even creating the verisimilitude of texture and brush strokes.”

— Business Insider

“Van Gogh's brush strokes are convincingly looks like the real deal.”

— The Ambient

“A magical painting whose contents can change, Harry Potter-style, in an instant.”

— TechCrunch

“It’s like you’re living in your very own art exhibit where you’re the exclusive curator.”

— Evening Standard

“Buyer's remorse, be gone. The visual possibilities are endless.”

— Lonny

“It’s your chance to become a digital patron of the arts.”

— Elle Decor UK

“Are those the halls of the Louvre you’re exploring or just the hallways of your own home? Start with this dynamic canvas and switch art pieces with a flick of the wrist”

— Digital Trends

What people are saying

Today I mounted my latest “print” to the wall. Absolutly love my @MeetMeural!! #meural #art
“I think Meural is the closest thing to magic and I want to help spread it to every corner of the globe.”
Just uploaded this to my #Meural - fantastic. Quality of the images are terrific. Thanks @MeetMeural and @FlixelTom
Phil Nadel
I’m loving my new #Meural from @MeetMeural
Gabriela Iancu

Supporting artists at every step of their career

We don't just give artists a platform. We give them 60% of what we earn on our art.

We believe art is for everyone, and we’re dedicated to bringing it into homes of all shapes and sizes. To do so, we combine the best of art, technology, and design to create products that make us feel something.

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Give your inbox a splash of art

Be the first to know about recently added art, special offers, new products, and more.